Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Six - Putin

I promised to cover bin Laden today, but I am putting him off for twenty-four hours because of comments that are being made in the media. I need to set the record straight and get my readers focused on the real enemy.
Two days ago, Putin was asked what he thought of Trump, and he praised the "GOP" candidate. Then, Trump was asked on "Morning Joe" what he thought of Putin. Trump said he was a "great leader". Now, I have had many red flags going up about Donald Trump from the start, but that floored me. And then he went on to defend Putin. When the host pointed out that Putin kills his political opposition and journalists who do not toe the line his reply was, "Well, you know, we do a lot of killing over here, too."
Somehow Putin has been turned into a cult hero, and I can tell my readers precisely how that happened. Barry. It started with his idiotic "red line" (which he should never have drawn, but if he was going to draw it he should have enforced it!). Instead, he and John Kerry saber-rattled for three weeks and then went home when Putin came riding in on his white horse to "save the day" (undoubtedly topless).
Let me explain a little history and maybe, just maybe, someone will wake up. In "Mein Kampf", Hitler repeatedly quoted a book called the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", which purports to be the minutes of a Zionist meeting where they outlined their plans for taking over the world. Hitler believed it. So did Henry Ford, which is why he supported the Nazis financially. So does half of the Arab world, because that book sits on bookshelves throughout the Middle East. Any of my readers who subscribe to MEMRI on YouTube can find interviews on Arabic television where pundits quote the "Protocols" repeatedly.
The only problem is, the book is not true. It was released by the Russians after the Bolshevik Revolution to scapegoat the Jews and give everyone an outlet for their anger. I encourage my readers to watch this entire lecture, but at the very least watch the following forty-five seconds (starting at 12:45):
For more:
This is the world of the intelligence community, folks. Remember Part Four Sleight-of-Hand? Putin is not a good man, and Russia is not the hero of the Middle East. What you think you see in Syria is NOT what you see! If you watch the entire lecture I posted above, you will get a small taste of what I mean. Ion Mihail Pacepa has been an extremely valuable asset to the United States, and he continues to consult for CIA. I have written about Russia many times (again, see April ff), but most of my readers and the people I encounter on social media are still convinced Russia is now "good". They are not!
Yes, most definitely, Barry aided and abetted ISIS. Without question. Wittingly or otherwise (and I will revisit Benghazi soon). But, make no mistake. The real instigator, the real mastermind, the real power-broker was, is, and will continue to be:
The KGB (call them whatever the nom du jour) are masters at deception, and apparently America is still falling for it! Stop taking things at face value and open your eyes. Wake up.
In my next post I will address bin Laden, who fits right into this conversation.

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