Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Eight - Iran

I do not know how people in our intelligence community keep from going insane. Whatever they get paid, it is not nearly enough. They must have a lifetime supply of Valium. The lies they hear day after day, without being able to say a word, are mind-boggling.
I had to turn off the Pan Am 103 service yesterday. I could not stomach it, but actually the problem started last week at the GOP debate when Marco Rubio gave an impassioned spiel about how Gaddafi was behind Lockerbie and how that justified what we did in Libya. Then yesterday I listened to a self-aggrandizing speech by the man who tirelessly hunted down those who were responsible for Lockerbie.
Every word of this narrative is a lie. Over two years ago, the truth came out, supported by numerous reports since. But, Senator Rubio, I am quite certain that it is sheer coincidence that Pan Am 103 happened just six months after our Navy shot down an Iranian passenger jet. Yup. Positive. There is no way the two incidents are connected. Nope. None at all:
Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.
Barry aside, I do not understand why this world continues to cover for Iran. I admit there was a point where my unofficial mentor, Prime Minister Netanyahu, was annoying me to no end because he harped on Iran incessantly. But I finally realized there must have been a reason, so I backtracked (I seem to do that a lot; a little training would be nice) and I took a good look at Iran since 1979. This is what I found:
Iran. Iran. Iran. Iran. Iran. Time and again, Iran. We have been at war with Iran since 1979, and no one in America seems to know it! I know what Barry's problem is, but why is everyone else covering for these people? And I know why we refuse to name Russia. That answer is simple. Mutually Assured Destruction. I got that. But, what is our excuse with Iran (other than Barry)?
We would rather blame Gaddafi (whom Reagan neutralized), Mubarak (who kept Egypt's peace treaty with Israel), and Assad (who was minding his own business) than blame the real enemy, the one whom we could take out in a heartbeat: Iran!
We want to blame Saudi Arabia for 9/11. No one talks about how many of the hijackers filtered through Iran. No one wants to talk about how Mohammed Atta was dating a "Palestinian" from Gaza. No, we cannot do that.
Why not?!
Forget Barry for a minute. Why didn't George W. Bush deal with them? Iran was one of the first countries out of Donald Rumsfeld's mouth after 9/11. Why did we not take care of them at that time? We have no problem calling them "the number one state sponsor of terrorism"...and then we figure out what we want to order for lunch! What is the problem?
Anyway, barring anything earth-shattering, tomorrow I will finally get to bin Laden.

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