Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump Must Go

Today has been like nothing I have ever seen before. The propaganda has been overwhelming, but WikiLeaks said it so it must be true. Or so everyone seems to think. Rumor. Innuendo. Finger-pointing. Calls to subvert the "down ticket" as punishment for not backing Trump. One person went so far as to say, "Trump, or leave the country!"
Where are we? Sudan?
I have been voting for 37 years, and have never seen anything close to this. I was aghast and physically shaking as I read these rants. What are people thinking?
At least one person is "on it". Brian Fallon (yes, from the Clinton camp, but bear with me), who engaged in an overnight Twitter war with Julian Assange. He knows the Trump/Russia connection, but has not yet figured out that WikiLeaks is the Kremlin. Do my readers remember when I wrote about this?
I realize this is very confusing for my readers, and I urge everyone to review the link I provide at the end of this article. Russia plays both sides in everything. Yes, he is playing Hillary's side, but he is also playing Trump's, which is why Fallon knows all about it. Remember "misinformation"?
And then we have the Trump/Ryan feud. I am not a fan of Ryan's, but he is being set up. Of course, readers know about the tape and Trump's allegation that Ryan leaked it. "Coincidentally", WikiLeaks then posted a document "proving" Ryan knew about Hillary's uranium deal with Russia. The letter was to AG Loretta Lynch, and was dated 2015. 2015? How is that evidence of what Paul Ryan did or did not know during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State (2009-2012)? I studied law, so let me answer the question: It isn't.
Finally "proof" came out that Ryan had indeed leaked the tape. The "proof" comes from Trump's former campaign president, Corey Stewart:
No lawyer is needed here. Just watch a Lifetime movie. This is a set-up. Like I said on Twitter, if voters want to replace Ryan because of his policies, fine. But not because of monstrous, Russian-propelled lies.
And the idea that we would gleefully sabotage the down ticket and hand everything throughout the country to the Marxists is more terrifying than the Islamic State. People, what are you talking about? We are sabotaging our own election. Must we review how the KGB works?
Where is the United States of America? I cannot find her anywhere.
As things stand, the Marxists will control the new U.S.S.A. as of January 20, 2017. If Hillary wins, that goes without saying. But, if Trump wins, he can feign being stymied by "evil Congress" while the Marxists run the show anyway. Yes, I said "feign". Remember this?
Our only "out" is to get Trump off the ticket. Fire him, or force him to resign. But get him out of here.
Or America will disappear forever.
Yuri Andropov: "We will take America without firing a shot!"

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