Friday, October 7, 2016

The Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 2016

I thought I was having a heart attack. Chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing. Which would be understandable given the news of the past few days. But, the doctor says I have pleurisy and should be improving after a couple of days of medication.

Pleurisy has a number of causes, and I will bet being scared out of my mind does not help (and chain-smoking my way through the past couple of weeks probably has nothing to do with it, either). Nukes in Cuba, Kerry making a laughingstock of America with Sergey Lavrov. Lindsey Graham sabre-rattling with idiotic statements about war with Russia over Syria. Putin swearing we will have war with Russia if we interfere, and openly mocking out "press secretary" on Twitter!

Jack Kennedy is rolling over in his grave.

While Barry plays golf.

In October of 1962, we had men who were as terrified as I am. Who were leaders. Who loved America. Who sweated night-and-day for two weeks. And who eventually stopped Khruschev before disaster struck. 
In October of 2016, Barry plays golf.

(Doctor, are you positive I am not having a heart attack?)

TO THE JOINT CHIEFS: I have wracked my brain over this, and I only see one possible "out". Do not say a word. Not one. No military analysts on CNN. No politicians pounding podiums making red-faced speeches. No sabre-rattling. No play-by-plays. Not. One. Word.

Just park nukes in Romania.

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