Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chess a la Putin, Part Deux

[NOTE: I wrote the first article on this subject July 27th.]

I am exhausted, so it took me hours to piece this latest WikiLeaks thing together. Between being homeless, having been ill recently, and now being on medication for my illness, I was very slow in figuring out what Putin is doing this time. But as I watched the cars drive by tonight, it hit me. Hillary's voter base.

I tweeted "BULLSHIT!" on the Podesta file the minute I saw it on the wire. The idea of the Clinton Clan fighting the Iran Deal is absurd on-its-face to anyone who recalls this woman's history. But, since the very people who worship Hillary also worship Jullian Assange for things he has done in the past (as do ignorant Trump fans, but that is for another article), some just may believe it because they also think the Iran Deal deprived Iran of nukes and therefore brought world peace. 

And her support drops.

The timing is also interesting. Just twenty-four hours after the brouhaha with Trump began.

I still do not know why Putin has turned on Hillary. Maybe he is just tired of her. But it is clear he has a new BFF who openly admires him, which feeds his over-sized ego. And, it does not hurt that Donald Trump has given Russia a little bit of that green stuff and will likely continue to do so if elected.

Maybe I just answered my own question.

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