Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vladimir Putin: The Great American Hero

All four segments in the following link are informative, but I urge my readers to at least listen to Segment Three with Jim Hanson and Tom Rogan before continuing with this article:
I have a question. If Putin saved the day in Syria in September, 2013, by getting Bashar al-Assad to turn over his chemical weapons, why is Assad being accused of gassing the Kurds?
Especially when the Kurds say it is the "rebels" and the Islamic State?
For three years now, I have listened to people who are worshipping at the altar of Putin, enraptured by his seeming ability to take the proverbial bull by the horns while Barry practices his chip shots. Meanwhile, Russia has been encroaching on our airspace as well as Canada's:
Russia has buzzed our coastline while taunting us, most notably on the Fourth of July, 2015:
Russia has sold S-300 missiles to Iran (and has other deals in the works):
Russia has launched air strikes in Syria from Iran (which is unprecedented):
Russia has threatened to nuke Denmark, Great Britain, and anyone else not drinking the Putin Koolaid:
Russia is conducting military drills with China in the South China Sea:
Russia is even playing nice with Recip Tayyip Erdogan:
But Vladimir Putin is the Great American Hero. Some have even gone so far as to express the wish that "Vlad 'The Impaler' Putin" (too funny!) were President of the United States!
Who cares if Russia is about to (officially) invade Ukraine?
Never mind that, after annexing Crimea, Russia never left Ukraine:
Never mind that Russia somehow keeps missing the Islamic State and is instead bombing America-backed "rebels" in Syria (forcing Barry to make the dangerous move of providing air cover to protect them):
What about Barry's support of Turkey, who is killing the Kurds, whom Obama also allegedly supports?
And Erdogan seems to have been very prepared for the "attempted coup". At least he has wasted no time firing and arresting tens of thousands of military, government officials, journalists, and teachers:
While no one knows for certain, rumors have been swirling that the United States was planning to move our nuclear warheads from Turkey to Romania, rumors Erdogan himself has reinforced by holding them hostage using  Gulen as the ransom:
For anyone who is unfamiliar with geography, Romania borders Ukraine:
Is anyone seeing a pattern here?
"Thanks, Obama" indeed.

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