Sunday, January 3, 2016

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Sixteen - The 2A, Texas, and Trump

So, Barry is going to do it. He is planning an executive order for more "gun control". We no longer have a Constitution, Congress has abdicated its position, and our military has been purged of those who would have removed this tyrant from office.
Thank God for the State of Texas. I lived there for years, and I am seriously thinking about returning next month. Governor Abbott sent out a tweet Friday telling Barry that, if he wants our guns, to "come and get them". He is serious. Texas is not playing, and with the exception of a few pockets of liberals, they will be happy to secede from the Union again and take on this self-declared monarch.
Let me tell everyone something about the State of Texas. Cumulatively I lived there for two decades. They are quite proud of their heritage, and that includes when they ceded from the Union. The only amusing part about Barry's shenanigans is Texas. Unless you have lived there, you do not know Texans. For all of the talk on social media for the past seven years about an armed revolt against this administration, there really is only one entity (at this point) that will do it. It turns out that the most rebellious state in our Union is our greatest hope. Go on, Barry. Try to take on the Republic of Texas. I double-dog dare you.
Meanwhile, in California, rumors are swirling that guns are about to be confiscated. This is simply not true:
That being said, the new authority will be abused. I know first-hand what happens at the hands of an unscrupulous attorney (or one with an agenda). Someone files for divorce, necessarily paints the soon-to-be ex as being insane, and voila! There go his or her guns. (No, that is not what happened in my case; no guns were involved.) But, all a complainant has to do is allege violence, bring in a couple of "witnesses" (people who did not like the respondent in the first place) and that is the end of that. We also know that the "21 days" means nothing once the government gets involved. So yes, this is bad, but as of now police are not going house-to-house confiscating guns. Yet.
But yes, Barry is very concerned about "gun violence". He is so concerned about it (and the victims' families) that he labelled Fort Hood "workplace violence" (thus denying the families benefits), said nothing about Chattanooga and took five days to lower the flag to half-staff, is oddly silent when police officers are assassinated at gas stations (Houston), angered the citizens of Oregon after the Umpqua Community College shooting by saying it should be "politicized", and waited two weeks to visit San Bernadino (just to name a few examples). Yes, Barry, we can see you lie awake nights worrying about...
...taking guns away from law-abiding citizens.
BTW, Barry, have you ever wondered why there were only twenty-three mass shootings under George W. Bush, but a whopping one hundred sixty-two during your administration (with another year to go)? 
(Yes, we know. It is Bush's fault.)
* * * * *
So, the mainstream media is comparing Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin, and no one sees anything wrong with that? Does anyone remember who Putin's idol is? Stalin, you know, the guy who massacred thirty million people? Trump and Putin are being compared to one another as being "real leaders", right down to their ties and cologne. But, Trump is what is "right for America". Have I got that straight?
A man who shoves people out of windows, who jails dissidents, who kills his political opposition...PUTIN is the model for our next president? In what world?! Have so-called conservatives gone mad? Are we so desperate for "change" (AGAIN!) that we now latch onto anyone who tells us what we want to hear?
If I recall correctly, we already did that. His name is Barack Hussein Obama, and he has been the biggest nightmare America has ever seen. And "conservatives" want to do it again.
When did we become so shallow? When did we develop short-term memory loss? Does anyone remember who Donald Trump was before he decided to change his underwear (yesterday)?:
This is sheer insanity! I can list problems with almost everyone in the GOP field (I will not officially endorse anyone in this blog although intelligent people can guess), but no one has changed his mind more often, no one has been more of a Clinton supporter, and to my knowledge no one else in the GOP field voted for Barry except for Donald Trump!
Has everyone gone mad?
Here is what Trump had to say about the Second Amendment:
And abortion:
And Democrats:
And amnesty:
And the "Syrian refugees":
Oh, wait. That was in September. My bad. By October, he realized the error of his ways:
In just the past few months Donald Trump has seen the light.

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