Friday, January 1, 2016

Obama, the Middle East, and Israel Part Fifteen - America

[As a complete aside, CNN are you serious? "Poor President Obama. He is trapped in the White House and cannot be with his friends. The poor thing. You get the feeling he would just like to run into an old friend, but the Secret Service will not let him." WHAT?! If he is that miserable, RESIGN!
BTW, I am not promoting CNN. That just happened to be the channel the television was on last night.]
To be fair, cashiers are not trained in counter-terrorism. But they should be. If a customer comes through the checkout line with fifty propane tanks, fifty cell phones, rolls of duct tape, knives, ski masks, and a couple of axes, the cashier should alert someone.
OK, it was not quite that bad at the Rochester Walmart:
But, it was bad enough. On a good day, the FBI cannot be everywhere at once. As badly infiltrated as our intelligence community is, frankly we cannot rely upon them at all. Yes, they foiled this particular plot. But what is up with offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of some fool who wrapped bacon around the door handle of a mosque:
We need to fend for ourselves, folks. Remember what I said in Part one about the Department of Homeland Security not knowing what it was doing? And that was back when we had a president who gave a damn about America! Now? We had better learn the meaning of the word "vigilant".
I realize I seem to be contradicting myself, but I am not. There ARE good people left in our intelligence community, but they are surrounded (and in some cases, overruled) by the enemy. We must rely upon ourselves for now:
Now, part of the reason for this series is to alert the American people as to what they need to do. I will be labelled "bat shit crazy" for what I am about to say, but from a security standpoint I am spot-on:
1) Stay out of crowds. Terrorists want the most bang-for-the-buck. No, you are not "letting the terrorists win". You are being smart. Go to the store at off-peak times. It is much faster anyway, and you will not have to stand in line. Go to the matinee instead of the premiere. You will save money and at least you will not have to worry about screaming children.
2) Sorry, CAIR: PROFILE. I was on a Greyhound bus waiting to pull out when a Moslem boarded, dropped a purple backpack into the luggage rack...and LEFT THE BUS. I immediately asked the man sitting on that aisle if he knew the man, and he said "no". I then began a frantic search for the bus driver and was thinking about ordering everyone off the bus when the Moslem returned and took his seat.
False alarm.
But, do you know how many passengers thanked me and said they were too afraid to say anything because they did not want to be "racist"?!
To hell with that, people! We are in a war, and we are NOT in kindergarten. SCREW name-calling! We MUST be on alert. What if that backpack had been a bomb, and we all just sat there paralyzed out of political correctness?
3) As of this writing we do not know what happened in Dubai yesterday, but I agree wholeheartedly with the intelligence analysts on CNN last night who said it was stupid to go forward with the fireworks display. What if it was a terrorist attack? What if a second attack was planned for the show itself? The false bravado I see is insane. "If I change my life, the terrorists win." No. The terrorists win if they KILL YOU. Stop making yourselves easy targets.
That is the number one priority.

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