Monday, March 2, 2015

Dreams and Things (Benghazi, Part Four)

This is out-of-control. I finally get more than two hours of sleep at a shot, and my dreams (nightmares, to be more precise) are all about terrorism? I even had a segment featuring Alan Dershowitz! OMG
The one about Trey Gowdy was the most entertaining, and thought-provoking. In my dream, the congressman discovered I was going over Benghazi, and that I was disturbed by what he said on Greta van Susteran's show last December (see previous post on Gowdy for details). He was rather amused, and set up shop one evening watching me go back through old videos. (For some reason I was doing so at a bank of computers set up inside of a restaurant/bar with an endless supply of free alcohol and cigarettes. Go figure.)
When I awoke, Gowdy's words from that interview were ringing through my memory: "...I think we will find...." Technically, not a lie. I can "think we will find" that the Moon is made of Swiss cheese. Is it true? No. But, did I state categorically that the Moon IS made of Swiss cheese? No.
BUT, do I think for one instant that anyone is really going to find that the Moon is made of cheese? Of course not, and therein lies the rub. There is no reason for me to make such a statement other than an (extremely lame) attempt at deception, and there was no reason for Congressman Gowdy to make his statement other than for the same purpose. So, I remain disturbed on this point.
Speaking of Libya, what happened to that "War Behind the War" story starring Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, giving orders to General Ham while Congress and the Pentagon worked back channels feverishly trying to stop a madwoman from overthrowing Qaddafi?
CNN recently interviewed my former congressman, Leon Panetta, and while they did ask him about Hillary's potential presidential run in 2016, there was not one question to the former Secretary of Defense/Director of CIA on this issue. In fact, Mike rogers was interviewed during the same hour and not one question was directed at him, either.
And...we are back to Kris Paronto:
I would like to take a survey. Tweet me at @LaDonnaRae1961 if you are current or former law enforcement (police, investigator, prosecutor, FBI, CIA, etc.) and have ever had word-for-word agreement between eyewitnesses to an event at the time of that event, never mind two years later.
Minute one, of day one, of Combat 101: Control communications. Other than entertaining side stories, can anyone find material differences between the account of Benghazi given in "13 Hours" and the following Fox News summary given on November 3, 2012?
Neither can I.
CIA is diverting attention away from something, and I will be looking to find out what that is.
Everyone, you do realize those were our "rebels" in Libya lined up on the beach beheading Coptic Christians, right?
Egypt should be bombing US.


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