Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Benghazi Part Two

Let me state at the outset of this post that I do not believe for an instant that anyone faults Kris Paronto for not doing enough, nor for not going fast enough. I believe anyone who loves this country appreciates every ounce of effort he is putting forth. That being said, I must take exception (respectfully) to something he said on iHeartRadio tonight. We do not have two to three years for the truth about Benghazi to come to light. What happened that fateful night must be brought out ASAP. Barack Obama is getting people killed at every turn, and he must be stopped. I am convinced another major attack in America is imminent, and every day that passes we get closer to that moment. I, for one, cannot sit back and watch it happen.
Almost from the day he took office in 2009, Obama has worked feverishly to destroy the United States. He has not only undermined our reputation, but he has released terrorists back into the world who proceeded to kill more people. For example, he released Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2009. A year-and-a-half later, Obama developed an irresistible urge to kill Osama bin Laden. It did not make sense to me at the time. There was no election coming, so why was he interested in the War on Terror that he fought at every turn? The answer came a few days later when the future "Caliph Ibrahim" unleashed his fury on Iraq. The death of bin Laden freed him to begin his march to what is now called the Islamic State.
Syria is probably the worst secret in CIA history. The rumors swirled almost from the beginning that America was funding and supplying arms to the "rebels". I personally spoke to a Marine who was "not" in Syria, and he said the barbarity of the "rebels" made him physically ill. Newspaper articles appeared here-and-there supporting the rumors. Yet, the show continued in Congress that we were not in Syria, and had no intention of getting into Syria. No one wanted "boots on the ground". Well, that phrase has a very specific meaning in military jargon. It means actual, uniformed troops. "Boots on the ground" does not include CIA and/or military "advisers". CIA and military "advisers" have been in Syria since at least 2011.
Enter the "Arab Spring". I admit to laughing when the "news" broke, because I already knew too much about the Middle East to believe for an instant that it has suddenly seen the light and democracy was sweeping the region. What a joke. In reality, the "Arab Spring" was orchestrated by this government. Egypt, with whom we had a strong alliance (albeit a love-hate relationship) ultimately went to the Muslim Brotherhood. Gone was the man who had kept peace with Israel for thirty years. Obama continues to hold up Tunisia as being a model of Middle Eastern democracy. I urge my readers to research the leadership in Tunisia. It is hardly democratic. Yemen. Well, it is still Yemen. Libya? Reagan put the fear of God into Qaddafi when he killed one of the dictator's sons in an airstrike. Qaddafi was one of the first to call President Bush on 9/11 to say, "We had nothing to do with it! How can we help?!" He was under control. But, suddenly we and NATO had to go in and remove this horrid person. Now, make no mistake. None of these people were nice. They were all butchers in their own right. But, there is a saying in military circles: The enemy who is known is better than the enemy who is not known. It is plain to see that our regime changes did not work out so well.
In Syria, 300,000 people are dead, and countless others are in refugee camps. The media keeps saying these are due to Bashar al-Assad. The reality is, Christians (for one) were safe under his rule. No, he is not a nice person. But, the mayhem we now see was brought on by America's decision to involve itself in that country. The deaths are from al-Assad's army, Hezbollah, Hamas, Ansar al-Sharia, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Jabhat al-Nusra, Harakat al-Shabaab, the Free Syria Army, et. al., including terrorist wannabes who flocked to the country when they discovered they could go on a killing spree with impunity. As I call it, Syria is a terrorist cluster-fuck.
And America set the stage.
Yes, there were arms shipments going through Libya. I do not have all of the pieces, but to date I can track them from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia, into Egypt, through Benghazi, to Turkey, and on into Syria. In effect, we created the Islamic State, in the same way we created al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
As the prisoner releases continue, my trepidation grows exponentially. We do not yet have the names of the next two being released from Guantanamo Bay, but I have no doubt they are bad characters. The last batch of five included Mohammed Zahir, a nuclear expert who is now in Afghanistan, back with his Taliban cronies. That cannot be good.
Space precludes me from itemizing every single piece that I have to this puzzle, and there are so many other pieces yet to be put into place. My fear is that I will run out of time before I accomplish the objective. I need help with this. There is a reason CIA has task forces. I am trying to track terror networks around the globe, including Mexico and Indonesia, by myself. I am quite intelligent, and I have a very good memory. But, I cannot remember everything at the same time. I get tired. Eighteen-hour-days take their toll. I get punchy, and sometimes I find myself unable to remember what day it is!
If anyone knows someone who would be willing to team up with me, now is the time to make that phone call/send that message. Even better: If there is someone out there whose conscience has had enough who would like to relieve that conscience, please get in touch with me. If that person wishes to remain anonymous, I will respect his or her identity. I need information. I am not interested in crucifying those who were caught up in this because of their jobs. I am interested in busting the people responsible for these schemes, beginning with the traitor sitting in our Oval Office.
I pray God help arrives for me soon. The clock is ticking.

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