Monday, September 1, 2014

Israel, Gaza, and "Friendly-Fire"

In recent weeks, I have been lambasted for my support of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Many of these attacks have come from Israelis, which frankly is astonishing. Especially in time of war, Bogie Ya'alon is correct. People should keep their mouths shut. However, I feel compelled to explain politics (and the PM) to the detractors. Please make note of the fact that I despise politics. However, it is a necessary evil, so I try to understand it.
Most recently, I had a situation occur in my life that made me re-think Israel's PR campaign. Until then, I thought it was a waste of time. Israel has every right to defend herself. The end. Or, so I thought. In reality, it is not that simple.
Israel is bullied by the world. It is not right, but it is reality. Everyone second-guesses everything Israel does, and imposes ridiculous standards upon that state. 13,000+ rockets, but let Israel bomb a building and see what happens. Mass hysteria. Those bastards. Genocide, atrocities, human rights violations, Nazis (how OBSCENE). It seems the minute someone utters the word "Israel", seven billion people lose their minds.
This is the battle Prime Minister Netanyahu faces. How to convince people he has the right to defend his people (again, OBSCENE). I know beyond any doubt that, when America is attacked (when we don't have a terrorist-lover in office), we throw caution to the wind. Yet, when Israel is attacked, we micro-manage. We say, "show maximum restraint". Are you kidding? Did we "show maximum restraint" in Tora Bora? No, nor did we CARE. What is the PROBLEM?
It is Israel. That is the problem. They must live by a completely different, ridiculous standard. Those who criticize Prime Minister Netanyahu do not understand the world. He does. He has an IQ higher than the collective IQ of the Knesset. Perhaps that is the problem. Few people can keep up with him. I confess I have my own problems keeping up with him sometimes, and I study that man intensely.
* * * * *
Current events fit in perfectly with what I wrote in the beginning of this post. Yesterday, the State Department went insane over Israel's new land acquisition in the so-called "West Bank". Speculation is the declaration of Gush Etzion settlement bloc is for the purpose of linking it to Israel itself. There are also rumors that this is in retaliation for the abduction of three Israeli teens which ultimately led to the latest Gaza war. In actuality these two are not at cross-purposes. Prime Minister Netanyahu has explained at great length, both verbally and in print, the necessity of "strategic depth" in order to protect Israel. With this latest security breach in the "West Bank", the Prime Minister has decided to "put his money where his mouth is". So, what is the problem? It is being called a "land-grab". Those damned Jews are taking over the Arab world. OMG As I said, say "Israel". Watch people lose all sense of reason.
And, I am damned sick of the United States of America interfering in the affairs of Israel. When was the last time Israel called us and "demanded" that we do this, that, and the other thing? Yet, Obama does it all the time in reverse. What gives us the right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign nation unless it is a threat to us and/or the world? I realize there is a parallel between the America/Israel relationship and the one that exists within our own borders regarding federal money. Briefly put, the instant someone receives money from Uncle Sam, he owns you. Schools, banks, businesses, Social Security recipients, etc. Federal money comes with more strings than one can ever count. So, I know what is going on with Israel. We give them money, and we are under the impression that, until that money is paid in full, we own Israel. Well, I take exception to that philosophy for a number of reasons.
First, if we trust Israel enough to give them money, then we should trust them enough to know what they should do with it.
Second, contrary to popular opinion, the United States' relationship with Israel is not one-sided, nor does Israel continue to exist because we come riding in to save the day. Just check a history book to see how nonsensical that assertion is. But, we benefit from Israel in so many ways it far outweighs whatever inconvenience America thinks it is enduring. Militarily, technologically, intelligence, counter-terrorism...and the list goes on.
Third, when America makes the decision to give money to an ally, it should be a gift in the sense that we should hand it over and let go of it. Not use it as a noose around the other country's neck and as an excuse to run that country. I believe we have enough problems running our own without trying to run others from across the Atlantic.
More later. Stay tuned.

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