Monday, September 15, 2014

An Open Letter to World Leaders re: The Atrocities of Muhammad

In order to dispense with the myth of "peaceful Islam" I am going to dig up the roots. Whether Muhammad was one person, a hodge-podge of multiple charlatans, or a figment of someone's imagination, the fact remains that Muslims believe Muhammad was the messenger of "allah", and was "the prophet". So, using that as my premise, here is what "the prophet" did in the name of "allah" at the inception of this "religion of peace":
An overview:
Slaughter of Apostates, Jews, Christians, Bedouins:
The purpose of this post is not to give an in-depth, page-by-page analysis of the Koran, although it makes for interesting reading. It rails against Jews, and Christians, and those who turn from Islam, and sentences all who do not "repent" to death. The "Zionist" conspiracies we have all heard about can be found in verses that speak of "Jews and their secret intentions". (The Koran is such a peaceful, tolerant book.) But, because people love to cherry-pick verses, assign to those verses a particular meaning, and then argue until the end of time that their interpretation is correct. I am steering clear of opening that door, at least for now.
But, we see that "the prophet" was a pedophile, a rapist, a thief, a slave-holder, a terrorist, and a genocidal bigot who advocated and was responsible for the deaths of countless people who did not believe as he thought they should. And, according to "the prophet", "allah" not only condoned his barbarism, but actually directed Muhammad to commit these atrocities.
How can any "religion", rooted in such unabashed evil, be "peaceful"? It cannot, and the proof is the Islamic State. The IS is the natural result of the progressive illness known as "Islam"
I encourage those who have not read my assessment of Obama's speech on the IS (see post dated September 11, 2014) to do so, and when you get to the link I provided to Walid Shoebat's interview, MEMORIZE IT. He provides a detailed overview of the evil of Islam, from the point of view of a former terrorist...himself..

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