Sunday, April 15, 2018

#NXIVM, #Gulen, #Syria, and #Benghazi

What a wild weekend. I was away from electronics for one day and when I returned I discovered we had bombed Syria yet again after yet another chemical attack. I am gratified to learn that people are beginning to catch on to this charade; as I checked my Twitter feed I saw more users blaming the chemicals on the "rebels". Unfortunately, that knowledge has not caught up to this administration and that is very troubling to me. I suspect the problem is "Mad Dog" Mattis, combined with President Trump's unwavering loyalty to those in uniform. While his attitude is a very refreshing change from the Barry years, that same attitude is causing him not to question the military around him because, "He has five rows of ribbons!" Oh, that General Flynn would not have been targeted by the Deep State. Trump really needs the sanity General Flynn would have provided.

Even more dangerous is all the fingers being pointed at Russia, not just over this chemical attack but also the poisoning of two "former" KGB agents. Somehow our government has forgotten what it is we stand for in this country. We do not execute people without benefit of trial. We do not take a vote, based upon no evidence, and find them guilty in a kangaroo court. Yet that seems to be where Nikki Haley excels. We had no evidence in Idlib. There was no time to accumulate evidence in Idlib. Yet we lobbed 59 missiles (at $1.5 million apiece) at Syria because, "Meh. Da babeees!" And we just did the same thing this weekend. There used to be something called an "investigation", but I guess it does not apply at the UN. 

The joke of the year, however, goes to the Skrypal case. Theresa May immediately jumped to the conclusion Putin had tried to kill them. She managed to get her good ole ally Mommy America to go along with her outrage. When Porton Down said it could not identify the substance, never mind its origin, no one at the UN heard them because everyone was too busy pounding on their desks screaming for vengeance. The funny part came late yesterday. I will post a link to the entire search page so that everyone can see what is so "funny":

OOPS. Theresa made a tiny little mistake there, huh? And before someone says, "Well, they could be wrong. Or maybe the Russkies paid off the Swiss. Or maybe..." let me just say: THAT IS THE POINT! Is there any particular reason that it was an international emergency to expel Russian diplomats before the ink was even dry on the order? Is there any particular reason no one cared what facts might come out during an investigation? What is this? The Salem Witch Trials?!

I have one more thing to address before I move on to other topics. It was bad enough when people were blaming Bashar al-Assad for using chemicals on civilians, but now the Russia hysteria has shifted to Syria, with people swearing the Syrians and the Russians are both committing these atrocities. That claim is positively ludicrous for any number of reasons. However, I would like my readers to review the following videos and see if they can figure out what is really happening. (HINT: Think Hamas and Israel.):

If anyone would like some funny bloopers to go along with the above Twitter "moment":

We call this "Pallywood". Any questions?

On a different subject, someone tweeted me early last week and asked if I had looked into NXIVM. I admitted I had not but promised I would do so. Well, I kept that promise and what I have discovered is insane. Many readers will have heard of Keith Raniere's arrest, and will also know the charges for which he was arrested. I am not addressing this issue because I want to bore my readers with information they already know. I am covering it because of what most of my readers likely do NOT know. In fact, it is so mind-boggling I am struggling to figure out how to write it in an organized fashion.

Actually, as I sit here considering an outline, I have decided just to put the information up for everyone to review. This is what professional journalists call a "developing story" so I think using this article as a primer I can write a detailed explanation in my follow-up post which will be much easier for everyone to follow.

These articles are in no particular order, but I urge everyone to go through them as you have time. HINT: If you do not run across the name "Clinton" several times, you missed something. I will post the follow-up article soon (it should not take long for more information to come out).

ONE FINAL NOTE: I promised Gulen and Benghazi. Astute readers will find the connections. For those who would like to wait for me to break it down in my next article, please stand by! 

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