Thursday, January 25, 2018

General Flynn vs. The Gulen Movement

{I have been sidelined by an illness at a hospital without WiFi so I apologize for my absence.}

My topic today is one that threatens our national security and, in my opinion, that failure falls in the lap of the State Department.

I imagine most people turned on the "King of Queens" during the Gang of Eight fight, but Ted Cruz's campaign against handing out H1Bs to everyone who applies was correct; the practice is both stupid and dangerous.

General Flynn's dismissal was really just one more fight in this battle. He wrote an excellent piece of the dangers of the Gulen Movement which oddly was published on Election Day. This is not the first time the General has been way-laid over Gulen; he was canned by Obama in 2013 over the same issue.

Let me explain the H1B program for everyone. It is designed so that, for example, if we have a shortage of engineers we allow people to come here and fill that need. However, Gulen's charter schools (160 at last count) have requested and received an inordinate amount of these visas. robably the most ludicrous is bringing in teachers from Turkey to teach English! Really?! We have no English teachers? We have to import them from other countries?!

It gets worse. Please listen to the following link. I posted the Clare Lopez interview in the first article in this series; here is Sibel Edmonds, the leading expert on Gulen:

Now read General Flynn's OpEd from November 8, 2016:

This movement is so insidious and dangerous because it operates under the guise of peace and love. General Flynn likened Fethula Gulen to Osama bin Laden. I see Gulen more like Yasser Arafat, who preached peace in English while inciting violence in Arabic.

So, I am back to work now, sniffing around. BTW, did you know these "schools" are paid for with your tax money? Why did CIA call Gulen an "asset"? Why does Gulen have government-funded armed protection? Why would a "scholar" with a third-grade education need any protection at all?

My best guess is General Flynn's crusade against the Gulen movement is what ties him to Turkey and Russia. Putin hates terrorism (unless he is the one engaging in it), and Erdogan wants Gulen's head on a platter. At this point I cannot say for certain, but I am working on it.

What I do know is, anyone who gets too close to stopping Gulen becomes a target and I believe General Flynn became "the enemy" because of that OpEd. He had to know what would happen; all he had to do was wait two months and he could have done what he pleased. My question is: Why did he fire that shot? Or did the shot come from The Hill? (Parenthetically, why did he walk into an FBI "routine word trap"?)

Regardless of the answer to my question(s), the goal is to clear General Flynn's name, but in that process maybe we can eradicate this scourge.

So, back to The Strip I go. I will update as things arise.

"The person you are looking for is usually right there in front of us, hiding in the details all the time."

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