Monday, December 4, 2017

Shell Games: General Flynn, and the Las Vegas Shooting

...Or, should I say, the attempted assassination of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS)?

The past two months have been a Master's course in all things intelligence-related. While my initial urge was to return to Vegas after the shooting, it was the recent events surrounding General Flynn that have me en route as I write this. He is being sacrificed, either willingly or by force, and now I have a pretty good idea as to why.

Let me start with October First. As the news spread, most of us were in shock, although there were the requisite online trolls who immediately began screaming “False Flag!”, declaring everyone to be a “crisis actor”, all the “blood” was fake, there were no bullets, and no one was dead. By sheer coincidence, I happened to be speaking with a retired Seabee, and his first reaction was quite different. He announced in no uncertain terms that the barrage of machine gun bullets had been cover for a targeted assassination. I filed that away under, “OK”, and awaited news reports as they began to trickle in. At first, of course, no one knew if it was one or more shooters, etc., but before long we had the name “Stephen Paddock” and the source of the shooting was said to have been the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort.

The first astonishing thing that happened is someone leaked the photo of “Stephen Paddock” dead on the hotel room floor, surrounded by a handful of shell casings and with several pictures of the rest of the room scattered with various types of guns. What struck my Seabee friend and myself was the multiple tripods, Paddock lying on top of one of the guns on a tripod, face up, with blood on his chest, and an apparent gunshot wound to the head. That wound appeared to have been inflicted through his mouth, and the only gun that would have been available for him to accomplish that feat was a two-inch silver pistol lying approximately eighteen inches away from his head...with an empty shell casing lying on top of the barrel! My friend and I just started laughing. I mean, we knew it was serious, we knew people were dead, but we just could not believe the “crime scene”. It was a joke! FYI: If I decide to eat a bullet, the gun will remain in my hand because my muscles will contract around it. The gun will not land eighteen inches over my head!

I mentioned the tripods. The “shooter” was on the 32nd floor, lying on his stomach, holding a gun on a tripod looking through a scope? To do what? Shoot a flock of birds flying fifteen hundred yards away from his window?! We are talking angles, people. If I want to spray a crowd approximately 320 feet below me and at an approximate forty-degree slope, (a crowd that will undoubtedly begin running), I do not want to lie flat, keep my gun position locked, and shoot straight ahead, do I?

So then the official reports began trickling out. Yes, it was one man. Yes, his name was “Stephen Paddock”. He was a gambler, and no one had any idea why he decided to shoot up a concert. I will just hit a few more highlights so I can get to the meat of my article. The story then changed to where the shots originated from the 29th floor, then a security guard emerged who had allegedly been wounded while trying to stop “Stephen Paddock”, then we were told the shooting began at approximately 10:08, but when the story emerged that Jesus Campos had allegedly been shot about fifteen minutes before that, suddenly Sheriff Lombardo became very agitated that reporters were actually expecting him to know what was going on! The icing on the cake now, by the way, is that not only did this overweight, obvious drinker, sustain fire for ten minutes (now allegedly twenty minutes!), he fired off 1,200 rounds and did so by firing two automatic weapons at the same time a la Rambo! But, wait! What about the tripods? (Details, details.) BTW, an expert special forces operator could not sustain fire like that for ten minutes without exhausting himself (assuming the barrel did not melt), never mind twenty!

Meanwhile, one more mystery emerged. Someone had an account on something called “CheckMate”, where I guess you can run people's backgrounds for whatever reason. She sent “Stephen Paddock's” background. All the addresses matched, the ages matched, the histories matched; there was only one problem:


I even managed to pull him up on LinkedIn, with the same results...right before the LinkedIn profile photograph mysteriously disappeared.


So, less than two weeks into this debacle I was wishing I were an FBI agent because I wanted to drag everyone with a Las Vegas law enforcement badge into my office and do my very best impression of “Jethro Gibbs” with each-and-every one of them! These people were either the most ridiculous excuses for police officers I had ever seen, or they were lying-their-asses-off, and I was 99.9999% certain they were lying-their-asses-off!

And then a video hit the Internet. I watched it about a dozen times with my mouth on the floor. The video is of the Crown Prince (MBS) being extracted by armed guards in full gear out of the Tropicana the night of the shooting:

I guess Seabees must know a thing or two. Only now, I had even more questions! Who in hell was trying to kill the Crown Prince, why, and why in Las Vegas?! And why in the world would the Las Vegas FBI cover up such an assassination attempt? Why weren't the Justice Department, the State Department, and the President himself not screaming bloody murder?! Why wasn't King Salman ready to declare war on us (or at least on the State of Nevada!)?! Well, take a deep breath readers, because there is much more and it will involve General least, his military expertise, and part of the reason the FBI (and the “powers-that-be”) wanted him out-of-the-way.

My Seabee friend aside, I had strong suspicions almost from the start that Las Vegas was a military operation. As an analyst, I spent countless hours reviewing every audio I could find, every video I could find, and every analysis (no matter how far-fetched) I could find. When I was done, I was convinced I heard what is known as “cracker fire” (a type of firework) for the first few seconds (which would be used to confuse), followed by sustained bursts of belt-fed automatic weapons that were coming from at least two different directions. Was this a black op? If so, why? Were there really military helicopters present? Were they firing? If so, at whom? And, whose military choppers might those have been? Ours? Or the three Saudi helos that stay at Nellis for “training” purposes?

Then I heard about the Saudi purge, and the arrest of Al Waleed bin Talal, among others. I also learned he owned the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay (sorry; I am not Donald Trump. I really do not run in those circles). I was finally starting to get somewhere, but I still had a lot of pieces to find and put in place. What did it for me was something absolutely stunning that I learned involves Nellis AFB (which is located in North Las Vegas). For those who do not know, I am an Air Force veteran, and I have been to Nellis several times. Here are the triggering articles, which I will follow with the explanations:

The first article hit me like a ton of bricks. Here are Al Waleed bin Talal, teamed up with Huma Abedin (huh?!), promoting the Gulen Movement. Many readers will not have heard of Fetullah Gulen; those who have simply know he is a recluse who runs charter schools. Here is a short description of who Gulen really is:

The second article is just as bad, if not worse. Gulen schools have infiltrated twenty-six states, including military of which is Nellis Air Force Base! And, just before I get to General Flynn, readers should know that Saudi Arabia has also been trying to get Gulen's proteges out of their country:

Now we get to General Flynn. Remember the hilariously-funny story that circulated the Internet about his having been plotting to infiltrate Gulen's compound, exfiltrate/kidnap him, and ship him off to Turkey? While a three-star general does have better things to do, there is just a tiny, microscopic point of truth around which this insane joke/lie was built. Yes, General Flynn did “lobbying” work for Turkey, but I have a theory about that. Remember the attempted coup? The assassination of the Russian Ambassador, live on camera, despite his being in the most secure building in Turkey? Yes, that was Gulen, and that is one of the things General Flynn has been working on. His opinion of Islam is no secret, but since the public story about Gulen is that he is a “moderate” reformer simply interested in educating children in science, math, and engineering, certain people label General Flynn all manner of unkind things. However, if my readers listened to the interview I posted above with Clare Lopez, you realize Gulen wants very much to bring back the Ottoman Empire. And here we thought Erdogan was bad! Yes, he is pretty bad, but between the two Gulen wins the prize for the most destructive to the Turkish people.

Let me summarize how all of this relates to Las Vegas. We already know what bin Talal was doing, and now we know why he wants the Crown Prince dead. MBS truly is a reformer and, what is worse, he is young enough that the 100+ other wannabe kings in Saudi Arabia will die long before he even reaches senior citizen status. And, I would be remiss if I did not tie this all back to the FBI. James Comey appointed the current head of the Las Vegas office, Aaron Rouse. Further, our dearly beloved Robert Mueller? The guy who was so upset that General Flynn might have dared to kidnap an “American citizen” and bring him back to Turkey? (BTW, that story changed, too, if readers recall; at one time the General was alleged to have been collaborating with Gulen in order to overthrow Erdogan!) Yes, well, I will conclude with the following video about Robert Mueller. It contains a truckload of information, but I want everyone to pay close attention to who the man is who presents one of Gulen's followers with an award for excellence:

And just as I am hitting “publish” on this article, I have arrived in Las Vegas. Please wish me luck, everyone. My greatest desire is to find a way to throw all of this right back at the Clinton Mafia.

God Bless General Flynn,
and May God Bless America.

LaDonna Mosier

PARTING THOUGHT: In the back of my mind is another scenario. When planning an operation of this magnitude, more often than not there is no exact date for its execution. Soldiers rehearse, and rehearse, and rehearse some more, while waiting for the moment when (and IF) they get the “go”. In fact, many times they do not even know the target(s) until the last possible moment. The festival provided a fantastic opportunity, but there is one thing I have not mentioned. “Q Clearance Anonymous” has insinuated multiple times that President Trump might have been in Las Vegas that night. He asked what planes might have no insignia, he asked about air traffic in and out of McCarran, and he also asked (if POTUS were in Vegas) with whom he might have been meeting. We know McCarran was shut down the rest of that night, after reports of shots having been fired at the airport itself. There is the possibility, however remote, that October First might have been an attempted “twofer”. Let us just keep that filed away in our minds as this investigation proceeds.

NOTE: Readers will note glaring omissions from the narrative we have been given on the Las Vegas Shooting. These omissions were for time/space purposes only. I have plenty more evidence that I can and will share as we go along.


Someone calling his company "B-Right News Corp." sent me the following video just a couple of days after I posted this article. The similarities between my scenario and his are uncanny. Watch, enjoy, and comment:

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