Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The #AwanBrothers, #SethRich, and Much More

So much has happened since I posted my last article; so much, in fact, that I am having great difficulty deciding what to write.

After almost a year, I am back on Twitter, which almost immediately buried me with information surrounding the Imran Awan case that I had not seen on any other Internet site I frequent.

People who know me in real life will recall I had serious suspicions that Evan McMullin was the Ross Perot of the 2016 election, the entire purpose of his campaign being to split the Republican vote, guaranteeing Hillary Clinton the presidency. As it turns out, McMullin was working behind-the-scenes many years before the election, and may have played an integral role in the Awan brothers saga. More on that at another time.

What we do know for certain is that John McCain was not the first person to obtain the fraudulent Trump Dossier from Fusion GPS. While Rick Wilson denies allegations that he was the go-between, what we do know is that McMullin handed that dossier over to CIA at least a month before McCain went to the FBI.

Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (and almost two doezen other congressmen, most notably one Adam Schiff) is in more hot water than she can imagine, and it goes much deeper than having rigged the Democratic primary in Hillary's favor. A few months ago, I was watching a video update on the Seth Rich murder when the commentator said that NCIS was investigating. I could not imagine why, since their jurisdiction is quite specific, until George Webb mentioned something I have not heard from any other source. We all know the House Intelligence Committee was compromised because of the supposed break-in of Democratic congressional offices (I still content it was staged), but until now we had no specifics.

Now we know. CENTCOM was breached.

That information brings up a truckload of questions. The Awan brothers worked in Congress since at least 2004; how many missions were compromised as a result? How long has MacDill AFB known about it? Could it be the reason for Extortion 17? What about Camp Chapman? Benghazi? Yemen? The list goes on.

And, just where does McMullin fit in? He did not pop up out-of-the-blue last year. In which part(s) of South Asia was he stationed? Pakistan, by any chance? Did our all-American, good temple-going Mormon, help Christopher Steele concoct the Trump Dossier? If not, how did he find out about it? I have also noticed an odd rendition of The Three Musketeers: McMullin, Ted Lieu, and Ana Navarro. What is up with that?

One other thing I need to toss into the mix. I do not have evidence proving the following event is tied to the Awan case, but it is suspicious-as-hell.

In March, I was temporarily staying in Kensington, Maryland. One Thursday night, we were awakened by an explosion. The ground shook; we had no idea what had happened. Shortly afterward, a chorus of sirens piqued our curiosity, but we did not hear anything until early Friday morning. What we heard was a house exploding; reports were that over seventy firefighters responded to the scene.

A couple of days later, the owner's body was recovered and identified. Officials said Steven Martin Beck, 61, shot his dog and himself in the basement and that the house had exploded due to a gas leak. Does anyone else find this story to be bizarre? What if I include the fact that Mr. Beck was a CPA who worked in D.C., his house was supposed to have been sold at auction that Friday but his attorneys had pulled it from the auction the day before the explosion, and that he organized Northrup Grumman's annual Military Bowl? Is anyone suspicious yet? I am.

Meanwhile, it turns out Seth Rich was unmasked as being Julian Assange's source by none other than Susan "It was a Video" Rice and the FBI. Andrew McCabe and James Comey strike again. 

Events in the Imran Awan case are breaking with lightning speed, and I will post more articles as the information becomes available. I think it is safe to say one of the main reasons for the sudden rise of Antifa is to distract from a scandal that makes Watergate look like Romper Room.

Stay tuned.


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