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9/11 - The Truth Hurts (Part Six)

Continuing with "Part Six: The Twin Towers" at 3:25:47 (remember to open video in a separate window):

The Hypothesis of Controlled Demolitions 

"Impossible to place explosives under everyone's eyes" (3:26:44)

Readers will recall I suggested an explanation in Part One of this series on 9/11:

The documentary adds the following, disturbing information:

Interesting Facts (3:27:15):
1) Major elevators' renovations 
2) Heavy equipment moved on empty floors 
3) Bomb-sniffing dogs removed (September 6th)
4) Unprecedented power down (South Tower, September 8th and 9th, for 36 hours)

"Controlled demolitions always begin at the bottom" (3:32:09)

Explosions in the Twin Towers

"Witnesses confused. Not real explosions." (3:33:44)

Preliminary Explosions in Controlled Demolitions (3:35:38)

Pay careful attention to this segment. The evidence here is so compelling I found myself shaking.

Basement Explosion Before Plane Impact (3:37:28)

"Fuel in elevator shafts" theory (3:41:10)

1) No regular elevators from top to bottom
2) Personnel not cremated by "fireball"
3) Volumes not considered

The Big Lobby Explosion in the North Tower (3:43:45)

Explosions Just Before the Collapses (3:47:00)

Explosions During the Collapses (3:47:39)

"Explosions not recorded in video" (3:48:59)

Explosions WERE Recorded by Video Cameras (3:50:04)

Explosions Recorded After the Collapses (3:51:23)

Someone DID See Explosions (3:53:44)

QUESTION (3:54:43)

Given that after the initial explosion and the ensuing fires there wouldn't have been enough jet fuel left to pour down the elevator shafts in substantial quantities, can you explain the at least three separate explosions reported by multiple witnesses at the time of the first impact in the North Tower?
In particular, can you explain the huge explosion reported by multiple witnesses in the basement of the North Tower moments before the impact of the plane?
Can you explain what caused the huge explosion that literally devastated the lobby of the North Tower, according to multiple witnesses, about one hour after the impact of the plane, and before the collapse of Tower Two?
Can you explain what caused the big explosion reported by Mr. Jennings and Mr. Hess on the eighth floor of Building 7, before either tower had collapsed?
Can you explain what caused the multiple explosions recorded by different camera crews, including the BBC and CNN, after the Towers had collapsed and before the collapse of Building 7?
Can you explain how more than one hundred witnesses, most of them firefighters and policemen, could have all "been mistaken" in reporting explosions of the Twin Towers on September 11?

Squibs (3:55:55)

"Air pressure caused windows to explode" (3:56:25)

QUESTION (3:58:16)

Given that what we see is clearly not glass from a broken window but concrete and other debris, can you explain what caused the squibs observed 30 or 40 floors below the level of collapse?

Explosive Force (3:58:27)

Ejecta (4:00:36)

"Just aluminum, not steel structure" (4:01:20)

QUESTION (4:03:10)

Given that the following, upper sections of the Towers had no additional energy to destroy the healthy structure below, where did the energy to hurdle these large chunks of structure at such a distance from the Towers come from?

Diagonal Cuts (4:03:38)

QUESTION (4:05:35)

Can you suggest a good reason why iron workers would need to perform "V" cuts and a 45 degree cut on this piece of structure just to remove it from the rubble?

What Happened to the Hat Trusses? (4:05:45)

Extreme Temperatures (4:06:50)

"Gasoline from cars, generator fuel tank" (4:11:03)

Exactly how many automobiles do these people think were parked at the World Trade Center, how large do they think those tanks were, and how hot would such fires be that gasoline and generator fuel burned for over three months?!

Bent and Mangled Beams (4:12:13)

Molten Steel (4:13:10)

"No proof of molten steel" (4:13:33)

QUESTION (4:18:40)

Given that most of the jet fuel was burned after the impacts, given that only office fires were burning at the time of the collapses, and given that no major source of combustible seems to have been available underground, can you offer a comprehensive explanation for the temperatures up to 2,800 degrees reported at Ground Zero, for the long lasting fires underground, for the incandescent beams repeatedly extracted from the rubble, for the massive steel beams "bent like a pretzel", for the molten steel and the molten concrete observed and found at Ground Zero, as caused by the office fires and the gravitational collapses only?

Pulverization (4:19:17)

43,600 windows
600,000 square feet of glass
200,000 tons of structural steel
5 million square feet of gypsum
6 acres of marble (one acre = 43,560 square feet)
425,000 cubic yards of concrete

Victims Vaporized (4:23:09)

2,749 Victims (<300 whole bodies)
20,000 body parts
6,000 body parts <5 inches
200 pieces = one person
1,630 identified (800 by DNA only)
1,119 not identified (41%)

In 2006, over 700 bone fragments were found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building (4:26:35)

QUESTION (4:27:19)

Can you explain how a simple, gravitational collapse, where the bodies remain trapped between pancaking floors, could have produced more than 20,000 body parts out of 2,700 victims, while more than 1,100 bodies left no fragments large enough to extract a DNA sample?
Can you explain how a simple, gravitational collapse could have produced the bone fragments and body parts from civilians and firefighters that were recovered from the roof of the Deutsche Bank building?

Part Seven will cover the conclusion of this video.

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