Friday, October 23, 2015

Obama and the Third Intifada

It is fitting that this post follows "A History of Pogroms and the Holocaust" because the current situation with Israel is simply an extension of everything I wrote in that three-part series. For new readers, I published a ten-part series on Barack Obama back in April and May of this year, but nothing I wrote compares to what has just been confirmed to me today.
Barry actually planned to have Israeli planes shot down should Israel try to attack Iran:
Let that sink in. America was going to attack its ally in defense of a terrorist state.
If that is not treason, I just flat do not know what is. What kind of "ally" attacks another ally? For the purpose of defending a country that has killed Americans since the Shah was deposed in 1979?
Does anyone still need proof that this "President" hates Israel? That he hates America? That he hates "The West"? That he is not a Christian but in fact a Moslem? That he sides with terrorism? That he is not remotely interested in stopping the Islamic State?
Does everyone remember Obama's comment that he had visited all 57 states?
People have mocked that statement for eight years. "This guy wanted to become President (and did), but he does not know how many states are in America?" Sure he does. He was not referring to the United States. He was referring to the 57 Islamic states:
This on top of the Iran Deal, which John Kerry touted as being "in the best interests of Israel", which Obama has not only supported but has accused those opposed to it as being "pro-war", the Gaza War during which this administration micromanaged Israel while remaining deafeningly silent about Hamas' repeated rocket fire from Gaza, and now the Third Intifada which Mahmoud Abbas called for at the United Nations and for which the Obama administration has blamed Israeli "settlements" and the "occupation". (Would the United States Navy PLEASE strip Admiral Kirby of his commission?!)
Israelis are being hunted like wild animals, and this administration is worried about apartment buildings...and the people who are attacking Jews. No wonder Obama did not attend the rally in Paris. This current government exudes Jew-hatred. It is plain for anyone with eyes to see. Never mind innocent men, women and children being mowed down with cars, hacked with knives, and burned by Molotov cocktails. No. The overriding problem is the "occupation". So, Israel needs to tear down its borders and let all of the terrorists in, thereby ending terrorism.
There remains a segment of the American public who thinks this administration is incompetent because, on the surface, Obama seems to be completely illogical. But, that is only when viewing his actions through the prism of Western logic. When viewed through the lens of an Islamist, his motives become crystal-clear. He wants Israel destroyed. Give the "Palestinians" a state, a state that Abbas vowed they would not allow to be divided. So, how does the President of the Palestinian Authority plan to connect East Jerusalem and Gaza? No one has asked that question. Well, the answer is in the "Palestinian" mantra: "From the river to the sea, Palestina will be free!" From the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Where is Israel in that scenario? NOWHERE.
When is the Sergeant-at-Arms going to do his job and arrest this treasonous bastard? Congress should have impeached Obama years ago, but the feckless John Boehner refused to do so. It is now up to the SAA, who also will never do it because he, too, is beholden to the Obama administration. Never mind the oath everyone took to uphold the Constitution (not a treasonous POTUS). No. Everyone's allegiance is to the King...err, President.
What a nightmare.
When will it end?
I pray for Israel.
God, please protect her from America.
Shalu Shalom Yerushalaim.

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