Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mea Culpa (?)

Lately, I have come under attack over my views on Christianity. After much consideration, I believe it is time to try and explain myself. The reader cannot possibly understand my feelings of betrayal. Of horror. Of outrage. My grandmother was a devout Christian. My great-grandmother was a devout Quaker. My family has deep religious roots that somehow skipped my parents. My family also has a rich history of fighting bigotry, again with the notable exception of my parents, who seem to have been a genetic anomaly.
Those people who know me understand I have devoted my life to research. I love knowledge. Sometimes, that knowledge becomes a curse, and this is one of those times. I will never see the word "Christian" again without abhorrent images coming to my mind. Images of Jews being locked inside of buildings while fanatics set the building on fire. Jews being tied to stakes and set ablaze. Jews being skinned alive. Jews being beaten to death, and then dragged through the streets until their bodies were so mutilated they no longer resembled human beings. Jews being tortured by unimaginable means until they "confessed" to the "crime" of being Jews. Jews being crucified (no, Jesus was not the first). Jews being suspected of "evil machinations" even after being forced to convert to Christianity. Jews being driven from their homes. Jews being exiled. Jews being forced to wear "identifying" insignia (no, that did not originate with the Nazis).
What is the root of this damnable hatred? In this particular instance, it is Christianity. Beginning in 38 C.E. (long before Islam), Jews were massacred for the "crime" of being Jews:
Those who have read my previous posts have gotten a sample of my theological objections to Christianity. But, the purpose of this entry is to explain what some on Twitter have dubbed my "hatred". I am struggling to understand the heinousness of the Christian doctrine. I have stated many times (such statements have been repeatedly ignored) that I do not blame every single Christian for the history of that theology. I know there are many who simply do not know any better. But, I DO damn the doctrine, and I believe I always will, for it is such blood libels as "Jews killed Messiah!" and "Jews kill Christians for matzos!" that have led to the deaths of millions of Jews. Long before anyone ever heard of Hitler.
Christian apologists are quick to point out that, "That was then. This is now. We would never go along with such things these days." Really? Well, let us start with the fact that the matzos story is still circulating among Islamic circles to this day:
I hope the reader paid close attention to that second video...every second. Here we see the excuses. It is "proven" that Jews use Christian blood for matzos. There is a conspiracy that only a select few "researchers" have uncovered. Notice the "Jews own the media" comment? Let us add to that "Jews own the banks. Jews own the government. Jews are conspiring to take over the world." Never mind the mathematical impossibility of this ridiculous mantra (15 million controlling 7 billion? What are you smoking?). This is NAZI PROPAGANDA worthy of an award from Goebbels! (As an aside, the reference to the Jewish tribes of Medina is particularly damnable. How can one be descended from tribes Mohammad ERADICATED by beheading and enslaving their members?!)
Then, let us move on to whether or not Jews killed Jesus. I covered that in a previous post as well. But, the signs at local pro-"Palestine" rallies still tell the tale that the Christian church started: "Christ-Killers!" These libels are dangerous, because they are deadly, and their homicidal track record is proven.
I have been fighting this propaganda campaign for a very long time. People have questioned my tactics; they may or may not have a point. I do listen to such criticism. That is not to say I mindlessly agree with it, but I would be a fool not to weigh such input. I do. But, I am writing this in hopes of making the following impression: When I hear/see/read such things, I see DANGER. REAL DANGER. "Mein Kampf" was not "freedom of speech". It was a death warrant. And, what I have learned of Christianity not only makes me embarrassed for having ever embraced such a doctrine, not only makes me wonder what my grandparents would have had to say, but it SCARES ME. The underlying dogma is DEADLY. THAT is what provokes such reactions within me. Perhaps the reader can understand that.
So, yes. I have some serious work to do. I have no idea how to reconcile the ghastly atrocities committed in the name of Christianity with some "kumbaya" attempt to make peace with it all. This danger is alive and well. If it were confined to the 15th century, I could put it in its proper place. But, it continues to live in this day and age and therefore is a very real, present enemy. I have much work to do, and I ask for patience from those who wish to crucify me. There is much to digest, and I am only human.

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